Выгода — расширение концепции Пользы (value) на контекст Предприятия (enterprise), предполагающее разбиение Пользы для предприятия на много связанных Выгод, каждая из которых представляет интерес для какого-то Стейкхолдера (stakeholder).

PMI Glossary:
The gains and assets realized by the organization and other stakeholders as the result of outcomes delivered by the program.
Programs may deliver benefits, for example, by enhancing current capabilities, facilitating change, creating or maintaining assets, offering new products and services, or developing new opportunities to generate or preserve value. Such benefits are delivered to the sponsoring organization as outcomes that provide utility to the organization and the program’s intended beneficiaries or stakeholders.

Examples of output, outcome and benefit(s)
Output: New sales system
Outcome: Sales orders are processed more quickly and accurately
Benefits: Costs are reduced by 10 per cent, volume of sales orders increased by 15 per cent and revenue increased by 10 per cent annually.